Mossfield Primary School, Swinton

The children at Mossfield Primary School, Swinton are enjoying getting close to nature and learning about their environment with their many inspirational projects.

There are living willow tree igloos in the recently developed Early Years outdoor section which also includes planting areas where the children are growing their own produce. Carrots, courgettes, spring onions, broad beans to name but a few.

The children at Mossfield have a School Council, made up a boy and a girl representative from each year group. They bring ideas suggested by all the classes to the Council meetings for discussion.

Their latest and very worthwhile initiative is egg-cellent!

The children’s most recent and innovative project is their welcoming of a brand new family of chickens which has resulted in the children setting up their own Egg Company.

In September 2010 Mossfield were delighted to receive their new arrivals, a family of eight chickens, one for each year group to care and take responsibility for.

The children then chose a name for each of their chickens, let me introduce you to our lovely ladies:

  • Nursery – FIZZ (Red)
  • Reception – MAYA (Blue)
  • Year 1 – LAYER (Dark Green)
  • Year 2 – UGG (Orange)
  • Year 3 – FEATHER (Purple)
  • Year 4 – HAPPY FEET (Light Green)
  • Year 5 – FLUFFY (Pink)
  • Year 6 – PENNY (Yellow)

Each chicken can be identified by a coloured ring tagged to its foot.

Our Head Mr Magee and our site manager Mr Shaw ensured the family had a safe and happy home to move into by working hard to construct their chicken run which houses a ready made state of the art chicken coop.

All parents have since been invited into school to attend an Open afternoon to observe the chickens and check out their new home.

The children are benefiting in lots of ways. They have suggested a worthwhile cause to plough their profits from the Egg Company and are now sponsoring a young boy called Ronaldo in Malawi.

The children receive regular updates from SOS Childrens Villages, the worlds largest children’s charity on Ronaldo’s progress.

This was all the childrens own idea and Mr Magee and the teaching staff are very proud of the children at Mossfield for their caring and mature attitude in putting the needs of a young boy at the forefront of their efforts.

This is just the beginning, keep tuned in for updates on our progress at Mossfield Primary School on getting close up close and personal with the world we live in!!!

Pictured below is Head Boy Christopher and Head Girl Davina with our lovely ladies in the chicken run! Click here to see more photos from Mossfield Primary School.

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